Drone Operations

Our Training, Operations, Safety and Sustainment (TOSS™) program aids tactical units in implementation of UAS programs that meet and maintain the utmost safety and proficiency standards. Our scalable approach for fixed and rotary wing UAS create the most cost aware and tactically relevant program available in today's market.


Our Training program was developed to create the highest caliber remote pilots while providing the resources to maintain sustained operations.

Our program includes consulting, equipment selection, education, training, and certification. The education and training provided produces trained remote pilots that are fully capable and safety trained and capable of passing the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam. The Vector Solutions UAS training program meets and exceeds all aeronautical knowledge factors outlined by the FAA for those who intend to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) and includes advanced safety concepts and practices to develop responsible, safety educated remote pilots.


For commercial, tactical and rescue scenarios, Vector Solutions provides full-spectrum operational drone applications.

Our UAS pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and capable of sustained or rapid deployment scenarios. We use state-of-the art drones to provide our clients with features ranging from hi-definition imagery, 4k video streaming, thermal imaging, and search and rescue applications to tactical exploitation, ISR, Fire Fighting, and Industrial Applications. Additionally, our drones are capable of delivering cargo or maintaining airborne payloads. Contact us today to find out how our UAS operations can meet your individual needs.


Vector Solutions provides system-wide expertise, support and training for regulatory compliance, risk management and the safe operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

We offer a variety of courses designed to help organizations understand and identify the risks and hazards associated with UAS operations. We’ll also introduce safety and best practices designed to manage the risks associated with flying small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Our safety programs will help you effectively integrate UAS operations into your organization or provide a refresher for established programs.


Long-term sustainment of a commercial or tactical drone program can be a difficult task.

Vector Solutions will provide your organization with the expertise necessary to maintain, sustain and modernize your program as technology changes and evolves. Allow our team of experts to guide your drone operations thru the challenges of proficiency, maintenance, upgrades, and modernization.